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    This month our performers will be honoring the fashion and music icon Madonna. With burlesque performances from Miss Katie Loon A Tik Spiderella Sugar Rae Bones Suzil Von a duet with Lolita Haze and Jack O'Hartz and our special guest all the way from San Diego Darla Tiesing Cox as usual we will have great raffle prizes doors are at 7:30 show starts promptly at 8 tickets are $10.00 there will be fabulous raffle prizes and much more

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    Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room

    Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room

    RICARDO MONTALBUM invites you to Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room! January 30th's show will be a celebration of the one and only "Glitter Bitch," LOLITA HAZE! It's a birthday party, but you get the gifts, as Lolita has lined up some of the best talent to help her celebrate! Hosted by the Buxom, Foul-Mouthed Godmother of L.A. burlesque, LILI VonSCHTUPP, the celebration will feature a mind-boggling array of local stars, including a past Miss Nude Universe, burlesque ...

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    Live Burlesque in Las Vegas presents “Peek~A~Boo”

    Live Burlesque in Las Vegas presents Peek~A~Boo

    Join us on Saturday, February 6th when Live Burlesque in Las Vegas returns from the holiday break with "Peek~A~Boo"! The temperature outside is not warming up at all so let the lovely ladies of Live Burlesque help you with that. Whether it is the simple movement of a glove removal or the graceful flow of a panel skirt, we have something for everyone ;) This month showcases the talents of local favorites such as LaRosa Muerta Amber DeVille Buttercup Delight Lily ...

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Drop-in Schedule for Classes at the Las Vegas Burlesque Studio.

Drop-in Class Descriptions

B-Girl Burlesque- B-Girl Burlesque incorporates various brands of dance, body mechanics, fun-fitness, and sexy burlesque movements to create a unique blend of stage performance. It strengthens all upper, mid, lower muscle groups and, of course, your BOOTY! B-Girl Burlesque is a totally unique way to look at ways you can move on stage, and juxtaposing multiple dance styles. Great for all levels, ages, and shapes.

Burlesque Basics- This class is designed for all levels from the beginner to experienced performer. It is a great way to learn the foundation of burlesque performing in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Every class will also have time allotted for specific students’ requests to learn such skills as teasing w/ feather boas or satin gloves removal.

Burlesque Jazz – This class will concentrate on the use of body placement, isolations, fluidity and style. This style of jazz allows the dancer to be sensual, sexy, and sassy with confidence.

Pin Up and Get Down Dog- A 90 minute workout designed to encourage health and build body awareness through dance and yoga. Open to all experience levels. It begins with cardio bellydance to get your heart pumping; whittle your waist while improving your dance technique. Followed by booty exercises incorporating chairs or floor work to sculpt your derriere and start the transition to yoga for the end of class. Yoga focuses on problem areas for most women, such as the hips, thighs, and waist, and includes a balancing series in which students are invited to try the postures in heels.
Only $15 for 90 minutes OR $10 to take either Cardio Bellydance (6:15-7) or Pin-Up Yoga 7- 7:45)

Sexy Flexy-bility- Various techniques will be taught to help you to achieve showgirl high kicks, sexy splits, and improve overall flexibility & balance. A portion of the class will build on your own unique level of flexibility to transition into exciting floor work choreography. No dance experience necessary. Please wear comfortable attire. Heels are suggested but not required.

Vegas Stiletto Fitness- A sassy dance lesson that will guide you through a sexy dance routine. Learning to dance like a Vegas showgirl can be graceful way to explore your sensuality, give you a sense of empowerment and help your overall fitness.

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