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    This month our performers will be honoring the fashion and music icon Madonna. With burlesque performances from Miss Katie Loon A Tik Spiderella Sugar Rae Bones Suzil Von a duet with Lolita Haze and Jack O'Hartz and our special guest all the way from San Diego Darla Tiesing Cox as usual we will have great raffle prizes doors are at 7:30 show starts promptly at 8 tickets are $10.00 there will be fabulous raffle prizes and much more

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    Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room

    Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room

    RICARDO MONTALBUM invites you to Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room! January 30th's show will be a celebration of the one and only "Glitter Bitch," LOLITA HAZE! It's a birthday party, but you get the gifts, as Lolita has lined up some of the best talent to help her celebrate! Hosted by the Buxom, Foul-Mouthed Godmother of L.A. burlesque, LILI VonSCHTUPP, the celebration will feature a mind-boggling array of local stars, including a past Miss Nude Universe, burlesque ...

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    Live Burlesque in Las Vegas presents “Peek~A~Boo”

    Live Burlesque in Las Vegas presents Peek~A~Boo

    Join us on Saturday, February 6th when Live Burlesque in Las Vegas returns from the holiday break with "Peek~A~Boo"! The temperature outside is not warming up at all so let the lovely ladies of Live Burlesque help you with that. Whether it is the simple movement of a glove removal or the graceful flow of a panel skirt, we have something for everyone ;) This month showcases the talents of local favorites such as LaRosa Muerta Amber DeVille Buttercup Delight Lily ...

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Dr. Lucky’s Tips for Budding Burlesque Babes

The following is a post that was recently brought to my attention. It was written in 2008 but the advice is timeless

Dr. Lucky’s Top 10 Tips for Budding Burlesque Babes

1. Respect Your Predecessors
Always acknowledge those that have helped pave the path that you now
find yourself on. You haven’t invented anything. Everything has been done
before. Which is both liberating and challenging. The history of
burlesque spans over 150 years while the circus arts go back, well,
let’s just say WAY before that. Which leads me to 2…

2. Do Your Research
See shows, read books, watch movies, watch YouTube. Subscribe to
listservers dedicated to the scene. Surf the net, watch videos on
YouTube, and be a myspace whore. Know the major players in the scene. Your
humility will enable you to learn an amazing wealth of knowledge from
experienced performers. Which will help you avoid 3…

3. Don’t Copy Others
Inspiration is one thing. Stealing (or borrowing heavily which is
basically stealing) a signature move or concept is another. No one owns
the fan dance at this point but you should avoid copying something
you’ve seen before (which, if you haven’t seen anything, see point 2). And if
you are recreating a classic, simply attribute the original as
inspiration. Dirty Martini makes it very clear that certain numbers are
inspired by her predecessors (see point 1). She acknowledges these as
“tributes” (and the person who originated the idea) and always inserts
her own “original idea.” Make sure you are making an original contribution
and not simply copying. Which leads me to 4…

4. Don’t Use the Stripper CD (“Striptease Classics”)
Many pick this CD up to start and everyone is tired of hearing the same
f*cking songs over and over again. One suggestion, borrowed from Julie
Atlas Muz’ advice to my students at NYU in the past (see point 3), is
to pick a song you love. A song that you can listen to over and over (and
over) again. Simple as that. Of course, you may use the stripper CD if
you are making fun of it. In which case, if you are making fun of it,
anything goes! Burlesque is, after all, largely (though not wholly)
about parody. Which segues, quite nicely, I do say so myself, into 5…

5. Avoid Cliché Archetypes
There’s a fine line between cliché and clever. As a general rule, if
you can buy the concept of your act from a plastic bag at Target during
Halloween (i.e. kitty cat, naughty nurse, dirty school girl/teacher,
angel, devil, housewife) you may either want to consider: 1) coming up
with another archetype or 2) work the hell out of it in an unexpected
way or make fun of it (see tip 4). Most burlesque numbers use archetypes
of some type but after seeing 6 housewife numbers in a night, the audience
may grow tired. Even if you do 2 (i.e., work the fuck out of it/make
fun of it [in which case anything goes]), you will still want to avoid, at
all costs, 6…

6. Your Underwear is Not A Costume
I cannot stress this enough. This is not a Victoria Secret runway or a
Pussycat Dolls Show. If you want to do a sexy strip down to your
panties, stay at home. Clothes in your closet, no matter how fabulous, are not
enough for the stage and require bejeweling, bedazzling, and general
whoring out. Which as a concept and a lifestyle cannot be separated
from 7…

7. Do Not be Pedestrian
People are paying to see you perform. Entertain them at all times and
at all costs. From the moment you walk into a space until the moment you
leave, you are performing a personae. No one wants to hear about your
shitty day job or how early you have to get up in the morning (unless,
of course, you’re going on tour or flying to Paris). Which, once you’ve
mastered, is inextricably linked to 8…

8. Build Your Character
You does not equal Your Stage Personae. Make up stories. Invent
origins, biographies, performance history. Pretend you are way more fabulous
than you are. Eventually, you’ll start to believe it and so will others.
But be aware that you do not forget rule 9…

9. Being Fabulous Does Not Mean Being a Diva: Make It Work
Turn mistakes into new choreography; no one will know something wasn’t
planned unless you tell them. Throwing tantrums backstage, complaining
about the sound or space or [fill in the blank] is annoying. Fellow
performers are your allies. Save the catty crap for close friends. Do
not talk shit or complain. Commiserating is one thing; making an entire
show about you, you, you! is another. Which leads me to the 10th but
not final tip…

10. Practice. Practice. Practice.
You will probably suck for awhile and until you become a veteran
performer, you may be able to pull it off despite your greenness by
practicing. Maybe sometimes you will get lucky but practicing is an
even better strategy. That means practicing with music, full costume, and
choreography from beginning to end until you are ready to puke or are
really, really bored. Control props and costumes; don’t let them
control you. Which leads me to the three final basics of all performance which,
though they may be dreadfully obvious, are worth restating: 1) have
fun; 2) be in the moment; and 3) smile!

Oh, and one more bonus tip for those ready to take on the word of our
savior, our Lady Luck, the Patron Saint of Glamour, MORE = MORE and LESS
=LESS. Once you recognize the power of those simple but provocative
equations, excess and glamour will rule your life. Amen. www.lukki.com