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    This month our performers will be honoring the fashion and music icon Madonna. With burlesque performances from Miss Katie Loon A Tik Spiderella Sugar Rae Bones Suzil Von a duet with Lolita Haze and Jack O'Hartz and our special guest all the way from San Diego Darla Tiesing Cox as usual we will have great raffle prizes doors are at 7:30 show starts promptly at 8 tickets are $10.00 there will be fabulous raffle prizes and much more

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    Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room

    Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room

    RICARDO MONTALBUM invites you to Burlesque at the Boom-Boom Room! January 30th's show will be a celebration of the one and only "Glitter Bitch," LOLITA HAZE! It's a birthday party, but you get the gifts, as Lolita has lined up some of the best talent to help her celebrate! Hosted by the Buxom, Foul-Mouthed Godmother of L.A. burlesque, LILI VonSCHTUPP, the celebration will feature a mind-boggling array of local stars, including a past Miss Nude Universe, burlesque ...

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    Live Burlesque in Las Vegas presents “Peek~A~Boo”

    Live Burlesque in Las Vegas presents Peek~A~Boo

    Join us on Saturday, February 6th when Live Burlesque in Las Vegas returns from the holiday break with "Peek~A~Boo"! The temperature outside is not warming up at all so let the lovely ladies of Live Burlesque help you with that. Whether it is the simple movement of a glove removal or the graceful flow of a panel skirt, we have something for everyone ;) This month showcases the talents of local favorites such as LaRosa Muerta Amber DeVille Buttercup Delight Lily ...

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Act Development Course w/ Cha Cha Velour

Class is every Wednesday from 8-10p 1/14/15- 4/1/15
w/ Cha Cha Velour

This course is for students that have taken our Burlesque 101 Course or have performing experience.

This is our 2nd level course and admission is by application only. There is only room for 5 students in this course so that every student gets adequate attention from the instructor.

This course is also structured in a way that if you are creating your 1st solo burlesque act or you are a seasoned performer, you will learn from this course. You can also take this course more then once if you’d like to continue to build your act repertoire.

Application to apply for the course: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16c91HstMjtpcYxO8lwiEP5IQugqjd9uv0dg2fv61Uug/viewform?usp=send_form

After your application is received you will be contact by the instructor, Cha Cha Velour after she reviews it.

This course consists of 12 different 2 hr classes. Class content will include stage presence, stage entrances and exits, musicality, putting the tease in striptease, act timing, and more!

During this course each student will develop a choreographed solo act with the help of the instructor that they will perform at The Student Showcase Burlesque Show on 3/28/15.

Homework will be assigned every week. Students are expected to complete all homework assignment. There will be some expense associated with making the performance costume and it is expected that students spend time outside of class developing their individual acts.

The cost of the course is $420 if paying in full. We have a payment plan available and it is $100 down and $30/week. If choosing the payment plan you must also sign the payment plan agreement.

This class is open to both women and men and you must be at least 18 years old.

Drop-in Schedule for Classes at the Las Vegas Burlesque Studio.

Drop-in Class Descriptions

B-Girl Burlesque- B-Girl Burlesque incorporates various brands of dance, body mechanics, fun-fitness, and sexy burlesque movements to create a unique blend of stage performance. It strengthens all upper, mid, lower muscle groups and, of course, your BOOTY! B-Girl Burlesque is a totally unique way to look at ways you can move on stage, and juxtaposing multiple dance styles. Great for all levels, ages, and shapes.

Burlesque Basics- This class is designed for all levels from the beginner to experienced performer. It is a great way to learn the foundation of burlesque performing in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Every class will also have time allotted for specific students’ requests to learn such skills as teasing w/ feather boas or satin gloves removal.

Burlesque Jazz – This class will concentrate on the use of body placement, isolations, fluidity and style. This style of jazz allows the dancer to be sensual, sexy, and sassy with confidence.

Pin Up and Get Down Dog- A 90 minute workout designed to encourage health and build body awareness through dance and yoga. Open to all experience levels. It begins with cardio bellydance to get your heart pumping; whittle your waist while improving your dance technique. Followed by booty exercises incorporating chairs or floor work to sculpt your derriere and start the transition to yoga for the end of class. Yoga focuses on problem areas for most women, such as the hips, thighs, and waist, and includes a balancing series in which students are invited to try the postures in heels.
Only $15 for 90 minutes OR $10 to take either Cardio Bellydance (6:15-7) or Pin-Up Yoga 7- 7:45)

Sexy Flexy-bility- Various techniques will be taught to help you to achieve showgirl high kicks, sexy splits, and improve overall flexibility & balance. A portion of the class will build on your own unique level of flexibility to transition into exciting floor work choreography. No dance experience necessary. Please wear comfortable attire. Heels are suggested but not required.

Vegas Stiletto Fitness- A sassy dance lesson that will guide you through a sexy dance routine. Learning to dance like a Vegas showgirl can be graceful way to explore your sensuality, give you a sense of empowerment and help your overall fitness.

Burlesque 101 Course- Summer Session 2014

Every Thursday from 8-10p w/ Miss Karla Joy

7/10/14 till 9/25/14

This course consists of 12 different 2 hr classes that will cover the history and definition of Burlesque, basic Burlesque dance moves, hair and makeup for stage, pastie making, simple costuming, and more. During this course students will be taught a choreographed group act that they will perform at The Student Showcase Burlesque Show on 9/27/14. Participation on the performance of the group act at the Student Showcase in not mandatory.

registration link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xZU-c3nR4TgCkzYFy8mrNOXAsAyk6IbYNus3LIyQXbY/viewform?usp=send_form

Homework will be assigned every week. Students are expected to complete all homework assignment. There will be a small expense associated with making the performance costume.

The cost of the course is $350 if paying in full.

We have a payment plan available and that is $100 down and then you pay $25/week. Payment plans must be worked out with studio before final registration is complete and a payment plan agreement must be signed.

Nerdlesque! Haaaaay It’s Our Birthday.

This month marks our 1 year anniversary and as such we will be celebrating by giving you the gift of sexy ladies who will show you most of their birthday suits.

We have some VERY special guests this month

All the way from Canada , Little Karma Bomb
From Ohio, Miss Theresa
And from Oakland Ca, Sgt. Die Wies

as well as our local lovelies

Kitschy Koo
Jeffrey Xerxes Brice
a duet with
Katie Katie Egleston Kenner and Motley Manhattan

more performers TBA

Tickets are $10.00 at the door or online


Scott Schuman, the Sartorialist on Burlesque Style


From  Huffpost style:

The style world certainly has a look, one that is generally long and lean and one that Scott Schuman has become famous for capturing. But the street style photographer, aka “The Sartorialist,” has an appreciation for all types of women, not just the svelte fashionistas he often snaps for his blog.

“What I find interesting about the burlesque scene,” Schuman muses in the latest episode of his AOL Originals series, “is how curvier women, who would not necessarily be celebrated for their beauty or their body type in mainstream society, are completely celebrated and put on a pedestal in that society.”

Watch the video above to see Schuman explore the beauty and feminine empowerment of the glamorous burlesque industry.

Dr. Lucky’s Tips for Budding Burlesque Babes

The following is a post that was recently brought to my attention. It was written in 2008 but the advice is timeless

Dr. Lucky’s Top 10 Tips for Budding Burlesque Babes

1. Respect Your Predecessors
Always acknowledge those that have helped pave the path that you now
find yourself on. You haven’t invented anything. Everything has been done
before. Which is both liberating and challenging. The history of
burlesque spans over 150 years while the circus arts go back, well,
let’s just say WAY before that. Which leads me to 2…

2. Do Your Research
See shows, read books, watch movies, watch YouTube. Subscribe to
listservers dedicated to the scene. Surf the net, watch videos on
YouTube, and be a myspace whore. Know the major players in the scene. Your
humility will enable you to learn an amazing wealth of knowledge from
experienced performers. Which will help you avoid 3…

3. Don’t Copy Others
Inspiration is one thing. Stealing (or borrowing heavily which is
basically stealing) a signature move or concept is another. No one owns
the fan dance at this point but you should avoid copying something
you’ve seen before (which, if you haven’t seen anything, see point 2). And if
you are recreating a classic, simply attribute the original as
inspiration. Dirty Martini makes it very clear that certain numbers are
inspired by her predecessors (see point 1). She acknowledges these as
“tributes” (and the person who originated the idea) and always inserts
her own “original idea.” Make sure you are making an original contribution
and not simply copying. Which leads me to 4…

4. Don’t Use the Stripper CD (“Striptease Classics”)
Many pick this CD up to start and everyone is tired of hearing the same
f*cking songs over and over again. One suggestion, borrowed from Julie
Atlas Muz’ advice to my students at NYU in the past (see point 3), is
to pick a song you love. A song that you can listen to over and over (and
over) again. Simple as that. Of course, you may use the stripper CD if
you are making fun of it. In which case, if you are making fun of it,
anything goes! Burlesque is, after all, largely (though not wholly)
about parody. Which segues, quite nicely, I do say so myself, into 5…

5. Avoid Cliché Archetypes
There’s a fine line between cliché and clever. As a general rule, if
you can buy the concept of your act from a plastic bag at Target during
Halloween (i.e. kitty cat, naughty nurse, dirty school girl/teacher,
angel, devil, housewife) you may either want to consider: 1) coming up
with another archetype or 2) work the hell out of it in an unexpected
way or make fun of it (see tip 4). Most burlesque numbers use archetypes
of some type but after seeing 6 housewife numbers in a night, the audience
may grow tired. Even if you do 2 (i.e., work the fuck out of it/make
fun of it [in which case anything goes]), you will still want to avoid, at
all costs, 6…

6. Your Underwear is Not A Costume
I cannot stress this enough. This is not a Victoria Secret runway or a
Pussycat Dolls Show. If you want to do a sexy strip down to your
panties, stay at home. Clothes in your closet, no matter how fabulous, are not
enough for the stage and require bejeweling, bedazzling, and general
whoring out. Which as a concept and a lifestyle cannot be separated
from 7…

7. Do Not be Pedestrian
People are paying to see you perform. Entertain them at all times and
at all costs. From the moment you walk into a space until the moment you
leave, you are performing a personae. No one wants to hear about your
shitty day job or how early you have to get up in the morning (unless,
of course, you’re going on tour or flying to Paris). Which, once you’ve
mastered, is inextricably linked to 8…

8. Build Your Character
You does not equal Your Stage Personae. Make up stories. Invent
origins, biographies, performance history. Pretend you are way more fabulous
than you are. Eventually, you’ll start to believe it and so will others.
But be aware that you do not forget rule 9…

9. Being Fabulous Does Not Mean Being a Diva: Make It Work
Turn mistakes into new choreography; no one will know something wasn’t
planned unless you tell them. Throwing tantrums backstage, complaining
about the sound or space or [fill in the blank] is annoying. Fellow
performers are your allies. Save the catty crap for close friends. Do
not talk shit or complain. Commiserating is one thing; making an entire
show about you, you, you! is another. Which leads me to the 10th but
not final tip…

10. Practice. Practice. Practice.
You will probably suck for awhile and until you become a veteran
performer, you may be able to pull it off despite your greenness by
practicing. Maybe sometimes you will get lucky but practicing is an
even better strategy. That means practicing with music, full costume, and
choreography from beginning to end until you are ready to puke or are
really, really bored. Control props and costumes; don’t let them
control you. Which leads me to the three final basics of all performance which,
though they may be dreadfully obvious, are worth restating: 1) have
fun; 2) be in the moment; and 3) smile!

Oh, and one more bonus tip for those ready to take on the word of our
savior, our Lady Luck, the Patron Saint of Glamour, MORE = MORE and LESS
=LESS. Once you recognize the power of those simple but provocative
equations, excess and glamour will rule your life. Amen. www.lukki.com

R.I.P. Sparkly Devil

sprakly fuckOf all of the families I have imposed myself upon, the burlesque community is the closest by far. So though I never knew Sparkly Devil she was part of the family and I feel the grief and pain that her passing has brought on. Below is an article that she wrote for Metro Times that sheds a little light on what type of person she was and what a beautiful shining light the world is  missing.

Goodnight sister, we miss you

this article is here http://www2.metrotimes.com/editorial/story.asp?id=8853

Of Super Bowl zombies and my big fat ass
Pop Tart gets booted from Maxim-fest for being a heifer

By Sarah Klein

Nothing says “Are you ready for some football?” like a gaping head wound. Or legions of the undead, lurching through the Winter Blast in search of braaaaaaaiiiiiins.

Maybe zombies and the Super Bowl don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly, or Rush Limbaugh and painkillers, but the official Zombie Walk of Super Bowl XL was still a smashing, rotting, oozing, moaning success.

Kurt Wallace of the fire performance group Fire Fabulon was the mastermind of this not-so-evil plan. “I’m always looking for ways to make Detroit more fun, more hilarious,” he says.

Wallace threw together an online invitation, and spread word far and wide throughout the land of the dead: On Friday evening, Feb. 3, zombies were to gather at the corner of Cass Avenue and Fort Street to take over the Winter Blast in search of hot, sweet, juicy brains. The day before the event, more than 100 putrescent corpses had RSVP’d. As the undead masses gathered, adding the finishing touches to their bloody, blackened, festering skin, excitement was high and fake blood flowed freely. There was a zombie Santa Claus (part of Ann Arbor’s Zombie Claus event — zombieclaus.com — the festive undead cousin to Santarchy), a zombie firefighter, zombie cowgirl, zombie bunny and so forth. Some even came from as far as Indiana and Ohio.

As they broke forth into the night, reactions were slightly confused, but mostly positive. Even most of Detroit’s finest got a kick out of the good-natured fun; one cop was seen posing for a photo while he was “attacked” by a horde of hungry zombies. It was particularly amusing when the zombie battle cry of braaaaiiiiiinssss abruptly changed to beeeeeeeerrrr while the walking dead invaded the brew tent. As one decaying young lass explained, hey, even zombies need to get out and have a good time.

Wallace reports on the best comments overheard by bystanders:

“Dude, there’s a zombie behind you!”

“I know, it’s my wife.”

And, “Oh, I guess the Pittsburgh people are here now.”

The rest of this column was supposed to be about the much-hyped Maxim party at the Max M. Fisher Center, where I was slated to work as a go-go dancer. But I was unceremoniously cut the day before the event. Why? ‘Cause I’m a big ol’ fatty fat ass.

Before we continue, I’d like to state for the record that I’m 5 feet, 6 inches, 145 pounds and wear a size 10 — clearly a candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

Several weeks ago, I was hired to work the party after submitting my photos and my measurements. The day before show time, I attended the fitting, during which my tits, crotch and voluminous hiney were subjected to the probings of a Maxim rep as she tried to pinch, push and duct tape my pasty white blubber into an aesthetically appealing shape in the skimpy stripper jumpsuit I was given to wear. (Incidentally, it was labeled a size 3X — I shit you not). Afterward, I wasn’t sure whether to slip her my number or smoke a cigarette.

Then I left for a pre-dinner snack at Old Country Buffet, wiping out the entire place before I was booted for climbing onto the steam table to lick the remnants in the mashed potatoes bin. Later as I was plowing through a Sam’s Club vat of triple chocolate fudge ice cream, my cell phone rang. It was a rep from the Maxim party, informing that I’d been cut because I didn’t have the right body type, that I was too “voluptuous.” That, and they didn’t have the forklift that was necessary to haul my Orca-like physique onto the go-go dancing platform. They wouldn’t even put my name on the guest list so I could still go to the party (probably for fear I’d inhale all the hors d’oeuvres.) To console myself, I drenched my cell phone in mayonnaise and ate it.

Later, I learned that many other curvy girls were cut the night of the event — some after they’d already been put in full hair and makeup. Some were cut for having too many tattoos, visible piercings and looking too “punk rock.” For chrissakes, the party’s theme was Detroit Rock City! A few girls who wound up making the cut were let go after one set — but at least Maxim was gracious enough to let them stay and hang out. How big of them. (To be fair, I was provided with a cancellation fee).

Coming into work Monday morning, I had several e-mails from girls who were furious over the way they were treated and how their time was so flagrantly wasted. They also reported that the party sucked musty donkey balls; one said, “I’ve been to better raves in college.” Another dished, “The place was also trashed (garbage all over the floor, decorations ripped down) and nothing exciting was even happening that differentiated their party from any night at any generic club. I felt so unimpressed and uninterested in letting an atmosphere created by a bunch of cheese-dicks make me feel bad about myself.” And another: “The biggest celebrity I saw was on a WB show.”

Oh, Norm from Cheers (George Wendt) was there, as well as everybody’s favorite convicted rapist, Mike Tyson. Kids, this is the message Maxim is broadcasting. Convicted rapists? Come on in, have a drink! Fat girls? Get the fuck out! And don’t let the door hit your enormous ass on the way out!

So tubby, you ask, if you felt this way, why were you working the party in the first place? Because they were going to pay me $175 to shake my (utterly massive, Jell-O-like) ass for a few hours, and that’s fun, easy money. A girl’s gotta eat — especially this one!

Did Maxim have the right to cut us? Of course, it was their event; they can hire and fire whomever they want. Should I have known better? Probably. Was I really surprised? Not really. We all know the type of girls Maxim favors, and since I don’t have giant cantaloupe-like plastic tits and a ribcage that you can play the washboard on, I don’t fit. Which makes me wonder why they hired me and all those other chicks in the first place. Am I just a little bit bitter? You bet my corpulent patootie I am!

So, Maxim, fuck you. I’m not fat — and even if I were, so what? Being fat isn’t a crime. Fat chicks are hot too. Some guys even — gasp — prefer them to the Tupperware fuck toys that spill over the glossy pages of your marginal rag. Which, incidentally, sucks. At least in Playboy you can see bush, and the articles are halfway decent.

Until next time — pass me the butter.

Volunteer for Burlesque Hall of fame Weekend

BHOF-FB-LIKE-BANNER-962x356 The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, The legendary event that crowns Miss Exotic World, is still in need of volunteers to help out during the event. Besides racking up some positive karma points, it will give you a chance to meet and mingle with Legendary burlesque stars . So head on over to http://bhofweekend.com/support/volunteer/ and fill out an application. The deadline for applications is May first.

Volunteer Benefits

None of the positions for volunteers are paid positions, but volunteers are entitled to a number of benefits not afforded the general public:

  • A chance to meet (and assist) Living Legends while supporting the Burlesque Hall of Fame
  • Income tax deductions for out-of-pocket cash expenses incurred as a result of volunteer service. (Please verify with your tax professional what you can deduct.)
  • An opportunity to be part of a group of people who has a special role in preserving Burlesque history and sharing it with the public!
  • Volunteers may receive passes to showcases as determined by the Volunteer Coordinator.

You know you want to.

Twisted Cherry Cabaret

Twisted Cherry Burlesque is Las Vegas’s newest burlesque cabaret. Join us for a fun filled show, hot from beginning to end!
Combining neo-burlesque, cabaret, the art of magic, and twisting it all together to entertain, amaze, and tease you.

Music, magic, drama, comedy, talent, oh yes,
and glitter!!

Grab yourself a snack at the snack bar, sit back and be entertained by some of the best that Las Vegas has to offer.

Entertainment for this fabulous evening will be provided by:

Rosalita Nikita
Ariann Black
Motley Manhattan
Dave Johnson
Jeffery Xerxes Bryce
Cha Cha Velour

Hosted by Ms Emily Lauren

Stage Kitten: Haute Couture

Doors open at 10:30pm
Tickets are $10